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Today we are continuing with roman numeral activities. I wonder...if you had been a Roman what would your name have been?


frownfrownOn activity sheet 1 they have represented 84 as LXXXIIII, this is incorrect, there should not be more than three letters in a sequence. The correct representation is in fact LXXXIV.

frownfrownOn activity sheet 2 they have represented 500 as M, this is incorrect. In Roman numerals 500 is represented as a D.

I have notified the source of the error and apologise for any confusion this has caused. 

This may help you with the activities. 

Roman Numeral Reference Sheet.

Remember, you don't need to print these sheets off, you can write your answers on paper you have available at home. smiley
The next activity is completely optional. Would you like to make your own clock? I saw this and thought you might like it. 

If you would like to do this, but are unable to print the sheets do not worry. smiley


If you have paper - you can draw around a plate to make the clock face and write your numerals on. You can cut your hands out, just remember the minute hand is always shorter than the hour hand. 


If you do not have paper - can you draw the clock in chalk outside? Can you make a clock on the floor, perhaps use socks for the hands? How imaginative can you be?


Have fun and do not forget to blog or email, I love seeing your work. 


There are Mathletics activities linked to this.