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For maths today we are investigating capacity and the relationships between litres and millilitres. 


Do not worry if you haven't heard the term capacity before because I will explain it to you.smiley


capacity = the amount of space in a container or the amount of liquid it can hold


This means: the larger the container the greater it's capacity. 


Watch the following video before you start today's activity. 

When you are ready, work your way through the Busy Ant Activity. As you already know, Busy Ant Activities have three challenges, so start at Challenge 1 and see how you get on. Don't be put off if the work gets tricky, just try your hardest to 'use what you know, to work out what you don't'.


1L (litre) = 1000ml (millilitres)

0.5L (litre) = 500ml (millilitres)


Busy Ant Maths: Filling station litres.

The following videos may also help with today's activities. 
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