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In Maths today, we are completing our final capacity lesson. You will need to use you multiplication and division skills to calculate different measure of capacity (times table knowledge). Where appropriate, record your answers using decimals to 2 places. 


Watch the video below to refresh your knowledge about decimals. 

When you are ready, work your way through the Busy Ant Activity. As you already know, Busy Ant Activities have three challenges, so start at Challenge 1 and see how you get on. Don't be put off if the work gets tricky, just try your hardest to 'use what you know, to work out what you don't'.

Busy Ant Maths: Litres of juice.

If you would like to explore capacity further, here are some online activities for when you have completed today's work.smiley
You will find other activities linked to this topic on Mathletics.