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Number planets: Cut out 6 circles from different coloured paper to be 6 different planets. On each planet write one number 0-5. You can play lots of different games with these number planets:


  • Mix them up for your child to put back in order

  • Put them all in order and ask your child to cover their eyes whilst you turn one planet over or take it away. Can they work of what is missing?

  • Hold the planets in your hand like a magician would hold a desk of cards and ask your child to pick one and say the number.

  • Turn the planets over and then take turns to choose a planet each. The person with the highest number wins. Who has more?



Counting down: Watch this video of a rocket launch animation and talk about how the voice counts backwards or counts down. See if you can join in with the countdown to blast off. You could hold your hands like a rocket and shout blast off when you get to zero. You could even make your own bottle rocket and throw it in the air when you get to zero.

5…4…3…2…1…0…BLAST OFF!


Video Challenge: Practise counting down to blast off with Miss Bagnall