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This week, focus on counting using 1-to-1 correspondence. This is when you point to/touch each item as you count them. This helps children to count all objects without missing any or repeating them. You could count anything that you can touch (e.g. buttons, pencils, apples, toys) touching each one and saying the next number as you touch the next item.



Here is a picture of Hairy Maclary...


                     Find the answers to these questions together, encouraging your child to point to each thing as they                     

count it to help them be sure:

  •    How many eyes does Hairy Maclary have?
  •    How many ears does Hairy Maclary have?
  •    How many noses does Hairy Maclary have?
  •    How many legs does Hairy Maclary have?

Here is


Video Challenge: Learn some ordinal number language (e.g. first, second, third) with Miss Bagnall and the dogs from Hairy Maclary.