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In our lesson yesterday, we added and subtracted mass. Today, I would like you to have a go at the following maths problems:


1.Alec weighs 38kg. His brother weighs 13kg more. How much do they weigh together?
2.A small can of dog food weighs 382g. A large can weighs 228g more. What does a large can weigh?
3.A tile weighs 40g. How much would ten tiles weigh?
4.A parcel weighs one and a half kg. A second parcel weighs 800g. A third parcel weighs ¾kg. How much do they weigh together?
5.Aisla can take a suitcase weighing 25kg with her on an aeroplane. Her case weighs 31kg. How much weight does she need to remove for her case to weigh 25kg? 


Remember, you can return to yesterday's video at any time to help you if needed. 
I look forward to seeing your work later.