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To start today's maths complete the arithmetic below. Don't worry that you do not have a sheet, just jot your answers down. The document contains the answers too, they are on the second page. smiley

Our topic for this week is money.


In today's lesson, we will be looking at the value of each coin and note and checking our understanding of what the values represent. You will be learning that money can be represented in different ways and still have the same value. You may need to add coins and notes together to find some total amounts, as we are not focusing on decimals at the moment you can write your answers in p (pence).


Click the video below and follow today's lesson. smiley

Video 3.4.3 - Pounds and pence

When you have marked your work, have a go at our True and False Challenge. 
If you really want to challenge yourself, here are some reasoning activities.
You can find some more activities below, if you would like to complete some more money work - these are not part of the lesson. smiley