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Start by singing and dancing along with the Super Movers.

Today, we are solving word problems. Some will involve multiplication and division and others will involve addition and subtraction. We have to think carefully about the problem to work out which operation is needed and write the correct calculation.


e.g. Each box contains 56 paintbrushes. I order four boxes. How many paintbrushes will there be altogether?

What operation is needed to solve this problem?

What calculation is needed?  56 x 4 =

What strategy could you use to solve this calculation?

How could you check your answer?


Think about the same questions as you solve these problems.

  1. There are 43 blue pens in a pack and 32 red pens in a pack. How many pens are there altogether?
  2. There are 89 coloured pencils in a pack. Amy buys seven packs. How many coloured pencils are there altogether?
Now, try the activity.
If you want an extra challenge, try these. Remember to use mathematical vocabulary when you explain your reasoning.

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