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Today we are playing with fractions.


You can choose from any of the activities below. You do not need to complete them all. There is a real range and you can choose your favourite.


Those of you that are very confident mathematicians might enjoy trying some of the activities in this first booklet. 

Or you could create a poster, video or instruction booklet explaining what fractions are and how you find fractions of numbers or shapes.

If you are very active, you could run around and find real life examples of fractions around your home or garden. 


e.g. 7/10 of the smarties were not green.

3/4 of the bookshelves contain fiction books.

2/3 of the garden is covered by lawn. 

The bakers amongst you, may choose to follow the instructions below to bake a fraction cake.
If you enjoy playing on the computer, you could explore the fraction activities on any of our online maths platforms.

I hope that you enjoyed your maths today.


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