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Today, we are using written methods for addition.


You can use any method of addition that you are comfortable with. Some of you may prefer to draw a place value chart and base 10. Some of you may be confident enough to use column addition. Whichever method you choose to use, make sure that you are being careful when you need to exchange.


Start by thinking about this true or false question. Remember to explain your reasoning using mathematical vocabulary.

If you need a reminder of the methods, watch these videos.

Base 10

Column Addition

Then work through the powerpoint using column addition.

When you are confident, choose your challenge from here. Make sure that you estimate before you work out each calculation and check at least four of your calculations by using inverse. (Remember inverse means opposite and always starts with the answer. E.g. the inverse of 234+162 = 396 is 396-162=234.)

If you would like an extra challenge, try these.

When you have completed today’s lesson, send your work to us as part of your daily email.