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A change of plan for today. smiley Save today's sheet for after half term as we will do that lesson then.


Today, I would like you to measure things around the house. For example:


  • Is your toothbrush longer than your sock?  What is the difference in the measurements?
  • Can you find something longer?
  • Collect a group of items, measure them and then put them in order from shortest to longest.
  • Can you find 5 things around the house (or classroom) the same length?
  • Do you have furniture outside? Which part of the chairs or table are longest, which part shortest?
  • Which is your longest toe? Which is your longest finger? smiley 


It really is up to you how creative you would like to be with what you measure. 


yes Do not worry if you do not have a tape measure or a ruler - is there anything else you could use? How about your hands or feet? Listen to the song at the bottom of the page, it may give you some fun ideas. 


Take some photos of your items and remember to show me your calculations too. smiley


You can find activities on Mathletics but I've also uploaded some games links below. 

I found this video and thought it may enjoy it. laugh

Sesame Street: Grover Finds the Tallest Monster

The Polar Bear Length Song

Alternative ways to measure length if you don't have a ruler or a tape measure.