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To start today complete the arithmetic below. Don't worry that you do not have a sheet, just jot your answers down. The document contains the answers too, they are on the second page. 
Let's start the day with a sing and a dance.smiley

We are continuing our measurement topic this week. You will adding and subtracting length and then calculating perimeter later in the week.


Today you are adding lengths, you may need to convert measurements to the same unit of length to add more efficiently. Watch the video below to get you started.  

3.8.2 Add lengths

I have uploaded the video as teaching slides if you prefer. When you are ready have a go at the worksheet. 
When you have marked your work, have a go at our True and False Challenge. 
If you would like to challenge yourself, here are some reasoning activities. Choose a couple to have a go at. 
Other activities can be found on Mathletics and there is a link to Discovery education below. I look forward to seeing your work later.
I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley