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It was great to see you post pictures of yourselves sorting objects that weighed more and less than 1kg on Monday. 


Today, we are going to change units of mass. 1000g is the same as 1kg  and 1kg is the same as 1000g. Using this knowledge, talk about the following questions with a grown up:


  • How many grams are there in 2kg?
  • 4000g is the same as how many kg?
  • 3000g = ____
  • 8kg = _____


Well done! In the clip below, the Chuckle Brothers will show you how to make 1kg using different weights in grams.

Using items in your cupboards (with your parent's permission) can you find different items that weigh 1kg when put together? Look at the weights on the labels to help you (tip: this will be easier if you find items weighed in multiples of 100g eg, a 500g box of cornflakes and a 500g bag of sugar). Alternatively, you could use kitchen scales and place different items on the scales until they weigh 1kg. 
This game will help you to read weights on a scale. You can set it at different difficulty levels.