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I know you have been thinking a lot about 2D shapes so we are going to practise them this week before moving on to 3D shapes next week.

Remind your child that 2D shapes are ‘flat’ shapes such as: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart and semi-circle. Here is a different song that you could use to practise the shape names with your child:


(This song does contain more complex shapes than those your child needs to know but there is no harm in letting your child listen to those shapes. Alternatively, you can stop the song at 01:48)

Some shape activities you might like to try:


  • Guess the shape: describe a shape to your child for them to guess what it is


  • Use different resources from around the house to make your own shapes (here are some that I made)



  • Cut out some paper shapes and see if you can make a repeating pattern such as circle, square, circle, square.


  • Use toilet roll tubes to print different shapes. You could use your prints to design a table-cloth to put on the table for the Tiger Who Came to Tea.



  • Everybody knows that tigers like to eat pizza! Make your own shape pizza for the tiger by cutting out different shapes from coloured paper or white paper that you can colour in and sticking them on a paper plate or a paper circle. You could have yellow rectangles for cheese, red circles for tomato, pink squares for ham, talking about the shapes as you make your pizza.