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Today, you have the choice of two maths activities. It is up to you which one you would like to complete. 


The first activity can be found on the White Rose website. This can be accessed by clicking the link below. This activity does involve baking which may not be possible today, if that is the case do not worry. There is always the other activity. smiley

The second activity is VE Day maths.


On VE day there were street parties taking place all over the country in celebration of the event. I would like you to design a picnic menu for your very own VE Day party. You can choose all of your favourite food and drinks, remember it is your party! Where is the challenge I hear you ask? The challenge is that you can only spend a maximum of £30. When you have written your shopping list calculate how much you have spent. smiley


Have a think about how many different calculations you have completed. You will definately use addition and subtraction, but will you use any multiplication or division?


You can use supermarket websites or old shopping receipts to help you calculate what you are spending. 


I wonder which one of you will have the most change left?