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Today, I would like you to find the perimeter of rectangles. Watch the video below for revision before you start.  When you have watched the video return to this page for the Busy Ant activity.
Click on the link below for some further revision if you would like it. smiley
I have scanned the activity page from our Busy Ant Book, this is a book you are familiar with. As you know there are three challenges. I would like everyone to have a go at Challenge 1 and Challenge 2. Don't be put off by Challenge 3 though, I know you have the skills, so give it a go.smiley

Busy Ant Maths: Perimeter of rectangles.

Do not worry if you do not have squared paper at home, if you look carefully you will be able to see the squares and count them. smiley


Below are some additional videos that may help you complete the tasks:

The below video will help but only watch it as far as 3minutes 15seconds. After that, the discussion is about Area and we will be looking at that another day. smiley
When you have finished the Busy Ant work, if you would like to test your skills, here is a quiz and a game. You can choose, just have fun!