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Today, I would like you to have a go at finding the area of shapes by counting squares. Watch the video below for revision before you start.  When you have watched the video return to this page for the Busy Ant activity.
I have scanned the activity page from our Busy Ant Book, this is a book you are familiar with. As you know there are three challenges. I would like everyone to have a go at Challenge 1 and Challenge 2. Don't be put off by Challenge 3 though, I know you have the skills, so give it a go.

Busy Ant Maths: Finding area.

You started watching this video yesterday. You watched the first part to support you perimeter work, if you watch it to the end today it will support your work on area.  
Below are more resources that may help with the activities and some online questions to try if you want to:
Here is the link to the game again, I know how much you enjoyed it Wednesday. smiley