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Story Time with the Early Years Teachers

Each week, the staff in school will be recording lots of stories to share with you all. We will be posting them on our weekly pages but also thought it might be nice to compile them all in one place so that you can come and find a story whenever you might be in the mood for a book! Enjoy...

The Very Greedy Bee ~ Miss Bagnall

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar ~ Miss Davies

The Rainbow Fish ~ Miss Bagnall

Only One You ~ Miss Austin

Clumsy Crab ~ Miss Bagnall

Barry the Fish with Fingers ~ Miss Austin

Sharing a Shell ~ Miss Bagnall

Story Time ~ There's a Dragon in Your Book ~ Mrs Leach

Story Time ~ Katie and the Starry Night ~ Miss Bagnall

Matisse's Magical Trail ~ Miss Austin

Supertato ~ Mrs Leach

Week 5 ~ Reception ~ Story of the Week ~ Oliver's Vegetables

Week 5 ~ The Runaway Pea ~ Miss Austin

Week 6 ~ Reception ~ Book of the Week

Story Time with Mrs Leach

Week 6 ~ Reception ~ The Koala who could ~ Miss Austin

Book of the Week ~ The Tiny Seed

Week 7 ~ Reception ~ Storytime with Miss Austin ~ Jack & the Beanstalk

Mrs Roath Story Time ~ The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Mrs Roath Story Time ~ Zog

Leaf Man ~ Miss Bagnall

Week 8 ~ Reception ~ Story time with Miss Austin