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Reading: Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

There's some wonderful language in this text which we can magpie for our work on The Nowhere Emporium. Follow this link to get started on Lesson 1:


English: Experience Day

In preparation for this week's sentence stacking lessons, you are going to be considering what a bully is and what they are like. You will also consider what a victim of bullying is like and why they may be bullied. Obviously, there is a cross-curricular link with PSHE in this lesson. The ideas you gather today will help you with your writing based on The Nowhere Emporium as you are about to be introduced to some of the main characters. 


First, watch the video below which is from a film called 'Kes'. It shows Billy, who has just been in a fight with someone who is bullying him at school, talking to his teacher. 

Kes-bullying video.mp4

Still image for this video


Open the document below and complete the tasks set. You can draw your own outlines on a piece of paper if you cannot print the sheet. You could even trace from the screen.



Arithmetic: Complete the sheet in the quickest time possible. If you don't know one, leave it and come back to it later. If you still aren't sure, that's okay. Answers are on the 2nd page - no peeking!

Extra warm-up: You are going to be using your division facts this week so it's worth you quickly having at least 3 games on Hit the Button Division Facts.



Main lesson:

You will be studying short division this week and move onto division with remainders, both fraction and decimal remainders. We have touched upon the 'bus stop' method in class during Skills Checks, but we have not had any full lessons on it. 


First, you MUST watch the videos I have linked and pause them when necessary. Please do not just open the main document as some children are trying to do at school. You will miss key teaching points and important diagrams. Only open the document when told to do so on the second video.


Video 1: Quick introduction


Video 2: Greater detail with supporting images.


Main question document: 


Reasoning and Problem Solving. Complete at least 3:


Computing: Coding

It's Monday, so that means it's time for some more coding! Hooray!

Login to Discovery Education Coding. Login details are on last Monday's page if needed. 

Complete the lessons show below: