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Click the link below, select the video called 'Recognise and name 2-D shapes' and follow the starter activity on the video- write your answers for each question in your exercise book.

Today's Activity

For today's activity you need your exercise book and the following sheets (these sheets are included in the home learning pack if you collected one from school) : the 2D shape word mat, Recognise and name 2D shapes and Shape and Data Unit 2

Click the link below and then select the video called 'Recognise and name 2D shapes'.


Now you know have been introduced to the 2D shapes we are looking at today have a go at the sheets below.







Watch the video to practise your phonics sounds: 


Log into Phonics Play- Username:jan21   Password:home 

Select Resources, Phase 3 and Space race. If you want a challenge select Phase 4.



Today you are going to practise reading sentences. When reading sentences the best thing to do is spot tricky words that you don't know and sound them out and then read the whole sentence.


If you need more support you can read the sentence first sounding out any tricky words you come to and then re-read the sentence now that you know the words.


Either way helps improve reading fluency and comprehension.


For this activity select Sentences Phase 4 on Phonics play and either select an activity from Week 3 if you want easy sentences or an activity from Week 4 if you want trickier sentences.


Read the questions and decide on an answer- this will test your child's reading but also their understanding of what they have read.


Ask your child to write the following question ( remind them to sound the words out and to keep repeating the sentence to remember all the words).


The postman had a sandwich.

Today in English we are going to carry on with our story 'The Queen's Hat'. However, today we are going to be going on another experience day and today you are going to be virtually visiting a zoo.

Today in Science we are going to continue the topic of weather and we are going to be making our own rain gauge to measure rainfall.

Watch the link below to find out how.