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Good morning Year 5!


I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend with your family laugh. I've been SO impressed by the work that has been shared on our blog. It's truely wonderful to see you continue to take responsibility for your learning and, most importantly, you're having some fun! Just remember to keep your work and play time balanced. I know all of you are learning every single day: whether that's completing Jill Scott's football drills in your back garden, helping do the washing or playing games with your family. Stay happy; stay healthy. yes



Today, you will study percentages which we have not covered in class yet, however, with the powerpoint provided and your knowledge of decimals and fractions, I think you will be fine. Go to: 

Complete Lesson 3: Understand Percentages. Play the powerpoint first, then download the activity. The answers are also available to download after. 


Problem solving challenge: I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100. What's my number?

Resource at the bottom of the page. Please post your attempts on our blog for us to work out!



  • Reading: read 'Hunted' aloud (see bottom of page). What do you like about the story? Is there anything that you dislike? What patterns did you notice? Are there any puzzles?
  • Read the Unanswered Questions. Make up answers to these and
    write your answers as clear sentences.
  • Written activity: Plan a prequel to the story 'Hunted'. A prequel comes before the main story. It should give answers to some of the Unanswered Questions. You can write and draw to record your story. Take your time planning! It must make sense. 


Wider-curriculum / Foundation subject - COMPUTING

Now you should have the hang of it, login to Discovery Education Espresso Coding once again and complete the Starter Unit for for Year 5.