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Today in maths we are going to be thinking about adding and the opposite of adding which is taking away. Follow the maths slides below for the lesson and the last slide is for you to print for our worksheet for today.




Practising recognition and recall of phase 3 words. Write the following words out for your child to practise reading( this reading should be quick with little sounding out)- light, right, might, night, sight, fight, high.



Show your child how we spell by segmenting words ( breaking the words into sounds) e.g. t-r-ee.

Read the following words with your child ( you may want to write these words out for them to see clearly)- grip, spot, spoon, flat, drop, spin.

Now read the words out to your child and get them to sound out the word back to you.



Use the phoneme frames to practise sounding out cvcc words. The frames are linked below.



Read the following sentence aloud to your child. Your child needs to apply what they have learnt to write the sentence. Prompt your child to sound out each word. You may repeat the sentence if they forget what word is next.


Step on the flat green grass.


Today in English we are going to be practising our pre-cursive handwriting. Look at the image below and practise writing a line of each letter- make sure to look at where the letter starts and ends. I have also attached our school handwriting lines to help with the letter formation,

Now that you have practised your handwriting you are going to practise writing those letters in sentences. Look at the powerpoint below. What adjectives (describing words) can you think of to describe the winter scenes? Sound the words out and write them down ready for your sentences.


Non fiction Ice Planet.pptx


Here are my sentences to describe the winter scenes.


The frosty trees are covered in snow.

The white snow is like a blanket on the ground.

Tiny snowflakes fall quietly from the sky.


Now have a go at your own sentences. Don't forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.



Today in Science we are going to be thinking about the weather. Do you know the different types of weather? Play the game below to match the weather to the weather symbol.


Weather match up.pdf


Here is a person and clothes that they have in their wardrobe. Pick a weather symbol and choose the appropriate clothes for that type of weather. You can play this game multiple times by choosing a different weather symbol each time.


Weather dress up.pdf


Now pretend you are a weather reporter like on the TV. You are going to write a report on the weather today. Use the sheet below to help you order your weather report. Have a go at recording yourself reading your report.