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Good morning everyone!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and feel refreshed laugh. I'm excited about this week because we get to start our new sequence in English. Take a look below! cool

English: The Nowhere Emporium

We are moving onto a new sequence based on Ross MacKenzie's 'The Nowhere Emporium'. 




From this week onwards, I will be recording 'sentence stacking' lessons using the lenses we use in class. You all have made fantastic progress with your writing so far this year and we need to keep it up! 


As in class, one sentence stacking session will be split into 3 chunks, each with key lenses to focus on. I will record one video per chunk which you can pause and replay as much as you need.


I will create a 'Thinking Page' where you write down your ideas for each lesson, which you can either print or copy out onto paper like we do in class. Please set up your work as you would do in class with your 'Thinking Page' on the left and 'Writing Page' on the right. Then, you only need to look at the videos and resources on screen. If you do not have an exercise book, please come and get one from school as it will be much easier to organise your English work. 



PP1 Chunk 1

PP1 Chunk 2

PP1 Chunk 3




Mental Maths Warm-up. Remember, complete as many as possible in the quickest time possible. Answers are on the 2nd page for you to mark your work. Did you beat your last score? 

Maths: Measurement - Mass

Today, you will be converting between the 2 most common units of mass, grams and kilograms.

Remember: 1000g = 1kg and that  kilo means thousand. You have studied this in Year 4, but this lesson does act as a refresher.


First, open the powerpoint below for key teaching points and some questions for you to work out on paper or mentally. 

Today, you will be completing tasks from Busy Ant which always have clearly set out examples of how to present you work. Please follow these examples and ensure you do not forget to use kg and g



Computing: Coding

Login to Discovery Education Coding.

Username: student31717

Password: Maisie36

Go to 'Block Coding' and then Level 3. Complete the 2 lessons you can see below: