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Today's Special Assembly



Today's Activity

The Counting by Twos Song

Counting in twos links to odd and even numbers because when you count in 2's from 0 you say every even number.


When you count in twos from 0 you say 2,4,6,8,10 and then the patterns repeats again 12,14,16,18,20. So you know a number is in the twos if it ends in:



Have a go at the activity below and don't forget the help sheet if you are stuck.




Log into Phonics Play- Username: jan21 Password: home


Select Resources, Phase 3 then Flash Cards Speed Trials.


Select Resources, Phase 4, Reading Robot and then Phase 4 again.



Select Resources, Phase 5, Train Your Brain then on Phase 5a select the following words: oh, their and people. Get your child to guess the tricky words before revealing the answer.


Practise the two new sounds you learnt last week - ay and ou. You will need the 'ou' sheet and the 'ay' sheet with real and nonsense words on from your home learning pack. Cut the word cards out and mix up the two sounds. Randomly select words, sound them out and blend the sounds to read the word.


Pick a sentence, read the sentence out loud and get your child to write the sentence. Remind them to sound out the words.


Some people play loud sounds on horns.

Oh! I found a crayon.

Do people play with their sprouts?

Learning Chunk 1
Today we are going to be thinking about the final landmark the guards climb which is Big Ben. Look at slide 2 on the PowerPoint. Slide 3 has helpful ideas if you are stuck.

25.01.2021 Learning Chunk 1

Learning Chunk 2
Learning Chunk 2 has 2 parts. On slide 4 you will be thinking about the height of Big Ben. Slide 5 has helpful ideas. On slide 6 you will be thinking about other things that are tall and comparing them to Big Ben. Slide 7 has helpful ideas.

25.01.2021 Learning Chunk 2

Learning Chunk 3
In this last learning chunk, you will be thinking about he Queen's inner thoughts. What do you think the Queen might be thinking at this point in the story? Look at slide 8. Slide 9 has helpful ideas.

25.01.2021 Learning Chunk 3

Alternative Snow Activity (you can complete this activity rather than the Science activity)


Today I would like you to create some outdoor artwork using items you have found outside.


For this activity you will need:

- a shallow bowl or tub 

- items from nature

-jug of water


Go outside and find natural items you would like to put in your piece of artwork. Once you gave enough things, arrange these things in your bowl so they make a pattern or a nice picture. Pour the water over your items until they are all underwater. Place your bowl outside to freeze. Once it is completely frozen, remove the ice from the bowl and display your artwork in your garden. 


Today in Science we are carrying on looking at the weather as we are going to be thinking about wind.

Follow the link below to find out more:


Alternative ways of making a wind sock: