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Welcome back Year 1 ! 

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. It has been wonderful to see what you have been up to on the blog. Below you will find your tasks set for today and don't forget to share your learning or anything else you have been up to on the blog!


Today are going to be looking at doubles and how they can help us with our addition number sentences. To warm you up and help you remember your doubles I have set a doubling challenge below. Follow the link, select doubles and then select doubles to 10.

Doubling addition

Still image for this video
I have also set some tasks on mathletics related to our learning today.


Tune into the Youtube channel to watch Ruth Miskin's phonics sessions for Set 3 sounds at 10.30am or 1.30pm.


Don't forget phonics play which has some fantastic learning games to help your phonics even further!

Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Another phonics activity is watching the Alphablocks on Youtube (parents please be advised adverts linked to the Youtube link may not be suitable for young children).

Remember Year 1 the only way you can practise the sounds you have been taught is to READ!!! 

Login to Oxford Reading Buddy to practise using your learnt phonics sounds. The more you read, the easier reading will become. 


Today we will be looking at a book I know most of you have read at home including me when I was your age. Follow the link below to see what book it is. I am sure many of you will be delighted!

As an extra challenge : Can you retell the story in places that might resemble the cave or the long grass or the mud? Send pictures of the amazing story places you have found.


After your adventure in English , I thought it would be nice if you explored the world around you. Using the link below I want you to learn about the UK ( United Kingdom) which is where you live. Watch the videos and test yourself using the interactive quizzes. Have you been to all four countries that make up the UK?

A little extra...


As you may know people often raise money for charities around the UK to help others in need. However, these charities are struggling as many of their fundraising events have been postponed like the London Marathon (which Mrs Crisp was training and raising money for). There is a lot of fundraising going on, but many smaller charities are being forgotten.  Many charities do not get any funding other than what they raise through mass events. 


Therefore, the school (me included) would like the children to choose a charity that is close to their heart - maybe a cancer charity, animal charity, a local foodbank - it really is up to them.  They then need to choose a challenge involving 2 and 6 (there are loads of ideas on the link below) and then get an adult to set up a fundraising page.  


I hope many of my Year 1 children will take part and give a little for many people that do not have a lot.