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Morning everyone!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend smiley. I'm blown away by the effort you're putting in and standard of work you are producing at home. You are all amazing! Keep going!



Once again, some SPaG for you this Monday laugh 

  • Warm-up 1: Relative clauses. Follow this link:, watch the video and complete the short activity below it. 
  • Warm-up 2: Expanded noun phrases. Follow this link: , watch the video and complete the tasks below it.
  • Warm-up 3: Spelling practise. Complete the yr5/6 spelling sheet listed under 'links to resources' at the bottom of this page. 
  • Grammar Hammer. The question sheet and answer sheet are at the bottom of this page. Challenge yourself to beat last week's score and if you timed yourself, you can compare that, too. Let me know how you get on! yes



Login to Reading Buddy and load up 'The Raiders' again. Finish reading the story then answer the Reading Buddy quiz. If when reading you come across a word or phrase you are unsure of, you must find out what it means before moving on. I will be able to see what scores you get so make sure you only start the quiz when you are truly ready. Good luck!



Today, you are going to practise and embed your understanding of the different multiplication methods, then on Wednesday the focus will be to recap short division and finally on Friday you will be tackling some problems involving multiplication and division. yes


  • Warm-up: Complete the arithmetic sheet at the bottom of this page. Answers are on page 2 so don't scroll down until you have finished. Once again, challenge yourself. Set a 5 minute timer and see how far you get. If you complete it, great! Write down your time. If you don't, take note of where you did get to and then finish the sheet. 
  • Main task: If you need reminding of the expanded and compact method of multiplication, watch the videos in the resource centre to refresh your memory. Open the document in the resources section for all of your questions. Check your Target Maths answers with a calculator. You'll find you will have to use calculators quite a lot in secondary school - why not start now? laugh


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject

Once again on this fine Monday, I want you to carry on with your coding. Login to Espresso Coding and complete all of Lessons 3,4 and 5. Lesson 4: Parachuting cows does suggest using an ipad/tablet for the best results. Happy coding!