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We are going to continue to study texts which link to our Topic about Earth. This week's text is 'Hidden Depths: Exploring the Deep' By Chloe Rodes.

Click on Lesson 1: To engage with a text.



It's our first sentence stacking lesson on our new sequence! This sequence is based on short, animated film. In order to choose effective vocabulary and generate ideas over the next few days, it's important that you watch Part 1 of the film below. The boy in the film is called Ben. Once you've watched it, you can begin Chunk 1 of today's Plot Point: Engrossed in War. Enjoy!

New Sequence - Part 1

Still image for this video

PP1 Chunk 1

PP1 Chunk 2

PP1 Chunk 3



Warm-up: You will be asked 10 quickfire questions. Get ready. Follow this link and complete a 'Daily 10'. Click ono Level 5, Double/ Halves and then choose either 500 or 1000. You can set how long you have per question (10-15s most likely).


This week, our focus is on decimals. In class, we have worked with mainly numbers with up to 2 decimal places (tenths and hundredths, e.g. 6.45), although we have looked at thousandths briefly.


Today is about recapping the place value of numbers that have up to 3 decimal places (d.p.), as well as recognising decimal and fraction equivalents. 


First of all, let's recap what decimals are:

Yr5 Decimals 27.01.21.mp4

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Now, for more of a focus on tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Play the video below: 


It's time for you to apply your knowledge to a range of questions. Open the document below for all activities. Remember, please only spend an hour maximum for Maths, that's including the time spent watching videos. If you do not finish, but have been working hard, then that is okay. Some of you in class would not reach the problem solving activities usually because you need more time on mastering the fluency of the skill.  


Computing: Coding

Login to Discovery Education Coding and complete the levels shown below: