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Hall of Fame 08.02.21

Reading / Grammar

Instead of purely reading activities this week, you will take part in some grammar activities. It is important that you understand Year 5/6 grammatical terms and know how to apply them correctly. Listen and read carefully. 

Lesson 1: To explore the four types of sentence - statement, command, exclamation and question. 

English: Experience Day

Yes! Inside the box is a puppy! Check out the clip below:

A puppy!

Still image for this video

Did you guess correctly? Well done if you did!


Now we know Ben has been given a puppy as a present, we will obviously need to describe it in our next sentence stacking lesson. So, in preparation, today you will be thinking about the FANTASTIC lenses and jotting down some words and phrases which you may use to describe the puppy.


Watch the video below to give you more ideas, then open and complete the document: 

Cute puppies!

Still image for this video

Maths: Understanding percentages. 

We have not studied percentages in class before, even though you have come across 25%, 50% and 100% in our arithmetic sessions. Today is an introductory lesson which you should find relatively straightforward. 


First watch the video below. The question sheet is linked below also, so when asked to complete questions, please pause the video and do so. There are some reasoning questions for you to try afterwards, also. 

Understand percentages


Computing: Coding

Login to Discovery Education Coding and complete Level 3 by successfully finishing the lesson below: 


Leaf spotting challenge

While taking a walk, keep an eye out for different trees and their leaves. Open the document for details: