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This week, we are celebrating World Book Day! This means that all of our English lessons this week will be linked to books and stories. 



Today, to kick-start the week, we would love to hear all about your favourite book!

Your task is to create a "Book Trailer". A book trailer should tell your friends all about your favourite book; who are the main characters? What is the story about? Why do you like it? And any more information you would like to include.


You can present this in ANY interesting way you like! Add colour and pictures! Maybe you could do a poster, a PowerPoint, or a video? 


Just remember, do not give away the ending of your stories, as your trailers might encourage your friends to read your favourite book...


We look forward to seeing all of the entries!



For the final week of Home Learning, we are diving back into all four operations (division, multiplication, addition and subtraction) to see what you remember. 


Today, the focus is back on division using the short written method - often known as 'bus stop' method. 


You will need to be able to calculate using short division and show some remainders (don't worry about fraction and decimal remainders today, I'm just looking for 23 r4, for example). 

Division Recap

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This Afternoon: Potato People!

Your task this afternoon is to think about your favourite book character. Think now! Have you thought of one?

Now, grab either a potato or a carrot (or any other appropriate vegetable) and dress it up like your character

If you do not have a vegetable to spare, can you use an egg? Or perhaps find a large pebble.


Here is some inspiration:


You could draw, paint, carve your vegetables. You could make clothes out of paper or old fabric. Use your creative imagination!

Make sure you take a picture of your character and send it in because we would love to see it! Maybe you could recreate a whole scene from the book in your photograph? laugh