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We are scientists! 

This week, our Reading and Writing will link to our wider curriculum work where we will be looking at the work of Charles Darwin and Mary Anning. Both of these individuals were crucial to developing our understanding of the past, and how the creatures we have come to know of today started their lives and how they evolved. Enjoy! 



This week's reading begins with a biography of Charles Darwin (it's at the bottom of the page). It's quite a challenging read and there is a lot of information, so be sure to read it carefully and then answer the questions. If there are any words that you don't understand, you might like to use this online dictionary to help you. 


All about Fossils and Mary Anning


Later in the week, you will all become fossil hunters, just like Mary Anning. Her story is quite remarkable and very interesting. Have a look at the following links and make notes about what you learn. The better the notes, the easier the work will be! 


Discovery Education - Espresso - Click this link to find out more about fossils. 

BBC Bitesize - Mary Anning - Fossil hunter - Click this link to learn more. 

BBC True Stories - Mary Anning - A 12-minute clip bringing Mary Anning back to life! 


Here is a brief overview for you to come back to if you need it.