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Morning Everyone!

Happy Star Wars Day! 



To give you some routine, here's your Monday SPaG activities: 

  • Grammar recap: Conjunctions. Watch both of the videos and complete the short activities beneath them:

- Subordinating conjunctions:

- Coordinating conjunctions:

  • Spelling practise. Complete the yr5/6 spelling sheet listed under 'links to resources' at the bottom of this page. 
  • Grammar Hammer. The question sheet and answer sheet are at the bottom of this page. Challenge yourself to beat last week's score and if you timed yourself, you can compare that, too. Let me know how you get on! 


Reading: This Friday is known as 'VE Day' - a day commemorating the official end of the Second World War. On Wednesday and Friday, I will be setting you tasks based on VE Day and World War 2.


In preparation for this work, I want you to read 'Danny's Dilemma' by Janice Pimm on Reading Buddy which tells a story of a boy living in London during wartime in 1941. Read the whole story, clicking on the prompts and answering the quiz questions for each chapter. Once done, take the final quiz about the whole story. Don't start the quiz until you have read the book completely. I will see what score you get. 

Good luck!




  • Complete the arithmetic sheet. What score do you predict you will get? Record your time. yes If you are finding these sheets too hard, then wake up that brain by going on TT Rockstars, Tackling Tables Online or Topmarks games for 5-10 minutes.  

  • Today's focus is time. Some of you I know are good at telling the time and can convert using different facts you know. For those of you that find time difficult, make sure you have a clock in front of you. Ask a parent to get one down from the wall if possible.

  • Follow this link to recap digital and analogue time: There are 6 other class clips you can watch beneath. Feel free to do so.

  • Next, complete the tasks set on Mathletics

  • Then, open the problem solving questions in the resources section and have a go smiley


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Computing

It's Monday once again and I would like you to complete Unit 5a of coding.


First, you need to design your own app. Watch the tutorial very carefully and make sure you pause and rewind if needed to ensure you understand what he's doing. This should be a very fun lesson for you as you get to decide everything! If you would like a planning sheet, there is one in the resources section. 

Think of something simple to begin with, e.g. a bird needing to eat caterpillars. The caterpillars could be moving on the screen and the bird has to be directed to them. The caterpillars are eaten and have to disappear when the bird reaches them.


Once the basics are done, you can make your game harder. For example, you could add a cat into the mix, so if your bird comes into contact with the cat, the bird disappears and it's game over. 


Once you're happy with your app, save it because you can always show it at school in the future. 


Next, go onto 'Debugging exercises' to test how much you know about coding so far. 


Good luck! laugh