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Hi everyone! How are you? 


I had THE BEST day commemorating and celebrating VE Day on Friday. It was so lovely to see families in their front gardens having picnics with Union Jack flags decorating the fronts of their houses, and generally, everyone I saw seemed very happy indeed. Please share any of your experience of VE Day on our class blog. I know everyone at Cookley would love to see or hear about what you got up to. laugh


As it's Monday, it's time for some spelling and grammar work! YAY! yes Regular, weekly practise will help embed both tricky spellings and grammatical terms. 

  • Complete the spellings sheet. Check carefully - are you getting them right? How's your handwriting these days? Keeping it neat I hope!
  • See what score you can get on this week's Grammar Hammer. Do you think you're getting quicker? Is your score improving? Anyone getting 25/25? enlightened Let me know! Please! angel (Answer sheet linked)
  • Open the 'Main Lesson' document which tells you everything you need to know. The 'Modal verb' and text 'Eric' by Shaun Tan are also linked in the resources section. Enjoy the story! It's a little unusual. 



  • To warm up those brains, open the 'Maths Activity Mat' document. These 'Mats' cover different areas of the Year 5 curriculum for Maths. You can either complete the 1, 2 OR 3 star challenge. Answers are on the next page as you scroll through. I will be using these as starters from now on. You may come across the odd question that we haven't studied yet, but most of the areas have been visited in lessons or on Fridays during Skills Checks. 
  • Today's focus is multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We have covered this using whole numbers mostly, but you also need to be able to calculate using decimals. Follow the document through, completing the necessary tasks along the way. There is a place value chart for support when moving digits left or right, and there are some easier tasks if you're finding others too tricky. This video shows how the digits move:
  • After the investigation, if you are in need of an extra challenge, then open the extension sheet. Good luck!


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject

It's Monday once again, so here's your fill of coding for today:

  • Login to Espresso Coding.
  • We're moving onto Unit 5b and I want you to complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. I hope you're enjoying these coding sessions - I am! I find it interesting to see how computer programmers - that's YOU - write code to make games. All the games you play at home have been coded in order to work. Some of you may become computer and game programmers in future. smiley