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Good morning everyone, hope you're well!

Let's get cracking!



  • Complete your spelling and Grammar Hammer as usual (30min max on this)


I really enjoy Shaun Tan's stories; they're different, thought provoking and a little quirky. So, this week you will be studying 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan.

  • Watch the animated film version by following this link: (there are French subtitles).
  • Open the English document and follow the activities set. Today is more about ideas and justifying your thoughts and opinions about the text as well as its illustrations. It is worth copying this link to see the book version:
  • Make sure you try out the 'Fun-Time Extras', particularly the one which teaches you how to draw the Lost Thing. Please post your attempts on our blog! smiley



  • Complete today's Starter Mat


This week we are going to study fractions and refresh some of our knowledge. Today, the main focus is converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions. 


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: French & Computing


Seeing as you have access to The Lost Thing with French subtitles, I want you to try and find how you say the 5 words or phrases below in French using the video clip: 

  • 'Lost Thing'
  • 'on the beach'                                                 
  • 'I asked' 
  • 'dilemma' 
  • 'from time to time'



Login to Espresso Coding Unit 5b and complete Lesson 3: Cross the road.