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Welcome Back!

Hey! Welcome back!

I hope you've enjoyed half-term. We couldn't have asked for better weather!



  • Brush up on those spellings by completing the linked sheet. 

  • Grammar Hammer time! I hope you're finding these easier and easier each time smiley



Reading Comprehension: I've given you a shorter task today as you have your SPaG to complete. 

Today's extract has been taken from the book 'Animalium'.

  • Open the PowerPoint and make your way through the slides. 



  • Complete today's Starter Mat. 

  • This week will be based on adding and subtracting fractions. Open the Maths document to find out more. 


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Computing / Art research

To ease you back in this Monday, it's time to brush up on those coding skills.

Complete Lesson 4 of Unit 5b. 



Snakes come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and incredible patterns. Their stunning patterns are examples of Art found in nature. As a preliminary Art task, I want you to research at least 4 different types of snakes that all have very different patterns. For each snake you must include: 

  • its name 
  • a detailed picture of its patterned skin
  • a list of the colours that make up the snake's skin
  • 3 interesting facts about the snake 

Mrs Crisp's Year 5 Shout Out