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Morning everyone!


  • Complete your SPaG as usual. Rather than just doing 'Look, cover, write, check' with your spellings, why not try a few word pyramids or 'drawing' the word like we do at school. 


Reading comprehension: David Attenborough

This week's theme is all based around Science and who better to study than Sir David Attenborough. Many of you know a lot about his life and work already from your own research. Open the text and question document and have a go. Remember: use evidence/quotes from the text to support your answers  and you don't have to print out the document - just write your answers down on paper.

The mark scheme is available afterwards to see if your answers hit the marks. 


Short written task:

I'm setting this as a very open-ended written task so you can have some fun deciding what to write. You should write in 1st person as the turtle. It could be in the style of a diary entry in past tense, or it could be written in present tense like the events are happening right now. Funny or serious, it's up to you! I look forward seeing what you come up with. yes



  • Complete today's Starter Mat. 


This week, we will be studying capacity and start to look at volume. Today is all about converting between litres and millilitres.

  • First, complete the short quiz to see what you remember.
  • Open and complete the conversions document


Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: SCIENCE

This week's afternoon subject will be Science. You will refresh your knowledge about different areas of Science and carry out practical activities that I hope you will find fun! 


Today, you will be recapping the parts of plants and their functions. Watch the video below and then open the document in the resources section. 

Parts of a Plant | Plants | KS2 Science