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Good Morning!


  • You have today's usual SPaG to complete. smiley Again, learn the spellings how you wish (pyramids, LCWC, drawing). 


This week you will be learning about Sinbad's Fifth Voyage

Open the document and work through the tasks.



  • Complete today's Starter Mat

This week you will be studying relfection. Unfortunately with the nature of relfecting shapes, you will need squared paper at some point. Today, you will be reflecting 2D shapes. Watch the video below first and then open the main reflection tasks. 

NOTE: For Section B, you must reflect the balls in both the vertical and horizontal mirror line - including the ones you draw. All 4 quadrants should have balls in them in the end. 

How to reflect a 2D shape in a mirror line

Please follow this strategy: choose a vertex, count the distance from the mirror line, then count the exact same amount the other side of the mirror line and finally plot the vertex. Repeat until all vertices are plotted and then join them together.

Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Computing

To finish up Unit 5b of Coding, complete Lesson 5 and 6. In Lesson 6 you get to create your own app using the skills you have learnt. 



This week, every afternoon activity will involve some form of mindfulness or focus on staying healthy and safe. Today, because you have had computing to complete, I just want you to take part in Mrs Bakewell's Mindfulness Journey. Sit back, relax and play the video. 

Mindfulness Journey

Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Listen to Mrs Bakewell's voice and relax.