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Good morning! Let's get cracking...

English: Research task

  • Complete Monday's SPaG. Have you tried having a spelling bee at home?


This week's theme is based on famous people from around the world.


Today's famous person is Louie Braille.  

I want you to find out:

  • who Louie Braille is
  • background information about his life
  • what he is known for
  • how braille is used today


You can present your fact file in any form you wish - digitally or handwritten. Here's a good video link to get you started:





Maths: Percentages

  • Complete today's Starter Mat. (Note: You may need to use a calculator for Q4,5 and 6)


Previously on week 2 of Home Learning, you studied fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents. Don't remember? You can always go back to refresh you memory. 



This week will be focused on finding percentages of amounts and solving problems involving percentages. 


First, I want you to click on the following link and watch all 3 BBC clips about percentages, including a short quiz from Gary Lineker: 


Main teaching: 

  • Video 1 recaps how to halve numbers using partitioning as you will need to be able to do this when finding percentages of amounts. It only shows how to halve 2 digit numbers, however, the core strategy remains the same using larger numbers. 
  • Video 2 covers the core teaching on how to find percentages of amounts using the main percentage building blocks. Listen very carefully and see how to show your working out. Parents, if you are reading this, pause the video at intervals to test your student's understanding along the way. 

Halving numbers using partitioning

Percentages of Amounts - Primary

This video explains how to calculate a percentage of an amount, without a calculator. Ideal for Key Stage 2.

Wider Curriculum / Foundation Subject: Research / Art

You will have found out that Louie Braille invented the communication system of braille which is made up of raised dots. 


For this afternoon's task, I would like you to create your own name tag using braille. This could be small or large, but I want you to use different materials for your raised dots, e.g. colourful beads or sequins. Be as creative as you want! Think of the background colour you want to use; you could paint a background beforehand and then add beads on. The choice is yours!


Obviously this means that you need to research the braille alphabet to find out how to write your name in braille. If you have a short first name, then do your last name also. Have fun!