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This week I have chosen lots of upbeat dance tracks for us to celebrate how fantastic Reception class are. Today complete the Awesome Rainbows dance routine on Koo Koo Kanga Roo.  

Now we will practise our letter formation, use different writing resources across the week to ensure children don't become bored but maintain their interest and enthusiasm. Today focus on the letters c, a, o, q, g. Remember to form each letter accurately. Refer to the handwriting ditty sheet to help you. 


Using the set 2 sounds folder look at the ay sound, naming the sound. Discuss how the sound is made with the letters a and y. Now look at the ai sound this also makes the sound ai but is made using an a and i. Watch the online phonics session with Geraldine the Giraffe. Practise reading and spelling some of the following words; paint, tail, paid, chain, Spain, drain, snail, rain, stain and train.  

Reading Challenge: Now ask your child to apply the sound of the day into reading a sentence; I can see the train on the railway track.

Writing Challenge: Now ask your child to write the sentence, I play with the snail in the rain. 

Encourage your child to start the sentence with a capital letter, after they sound out and record each word remind them to leave a finger space before starting to write the next word. Finally remind them to finish the sentence with a full stop. 


Remember to practise your reading at least three times a week by either reading your book in your book bag or by logging onto Reading Buddy. Develop your fluency by re-reading the same text a number of times. Practise makes perfect! This week please focus on reading and spelling the following words; he, she, we, me, be, was, my. This can be done by looking at the word, saying the word, copying the word, covering the word then writing the word from memory alone. Focus on a few words each day but remember to always practise the spellings learnt on previous days so that these words are not forgotten as new words are focused on.



Word Aware: Word of the week, small. Begin by watching the Speech Therapist introduce our new word small

Then look around the house. Can you find matching pairs of items, one small and one not small? Go on a treasure hunt and find small things. Compare your hands with your child’s hands. Talk about whose are small. Draw different sized shapes on a piece of paper. Talk about which shapes are small and not small. At lunchtime, cut food into small pieces and talk about small. Throughout the week talk about things that are small and not small. 


Can you count from 0-30 and from 20-0? Using your mixed 1-20 number pack can you read each number at speed accurately? Continue to practise the numbers you are struggling with. Now select three random numbers from the pack and place them in number order. For each numeral, can you accurately count out that amount of objects? Keep repeating with another three numbers, until you have completed the pack. Finally can you order your mixed pack of 0-20 numerals? 


Listen to the story Mixed by Arree Chung. Did you enjoy the story? What was your favourite part? Was there a part of the story that you didn't like/ enjoy? How would you feel if somebody said that you were not allowed to be friends with somebody in our class? Was it a good thing that the colours yellow and blue mixed? Why/why not? What has the story 'Mixed' taught us? 


In the story Blue and Yellow said that they enjoyed being around one another but for different reasons. Blue said that he was happy when he was with Yellow. What is hapiness? What does it feel like? Does anything happen to your body when you feel happy? Are there special things that always make you feel happy? How do we know when others feel happy? What can we do to make other people feel happy? Can you draw and write a sentence about three things that make you feel happy? 


This week practise the rhyme, I can sing a rainbow. Check you recognise the names of the colours in your pencil case and when using your colours choose them carefully for a purpose, don't just grab the first one that you see. Think carefully about the colour that you need and choose the best colour to represent whatever you are colouring in.