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Can you complete the Just Dance - Eye of the Tiger dance?

Now we will practise our letter formation, use different writing resources across the week to ensure children don't become bored but maintain their interest and enthusiasm. Today focus on the letters c, a, o, q, g. Remember to form each letter accurately. Refer to the handwriting ditty sheet to help you. 


Using the set 2 and set 3 sounds folder look at the sounds learnt so far. Read the sounds at speed and practise reading some of the words and spelling some of them too. Now look at the ear sound, say the sound and Fred Talk some of the words, children to Fred Talk the words back to you and say the word that they have blended. Watch the online phonics session with Geraldine the Giraffe. Practise reading and spelling some of the following words; hear, ear, dear, near.  

Reading Challenge: Now ask your child to apply the sound of the day into reading a sentence; With my ear, I can hear a loud sound.

Writing Challenge: Now ask your child to write the sentence, I felt sad and a tear ran down my cheek. 

Encourage your child to start the sentence with a capital letter, after they sound out and record each word remind them to leave a finger space before starting to write the next word. Finally remind them to finish the sentence with a full stop. 


Remember to practise your reading at least three times a week by either reading your book in your book bag or by logging onto Reading Buddy. Develop your fluency by re-reading the same text a number of times. Practise makes perfect! 

Using the sheets sent to include with the phonics folder, practise words on the High Frequency Words phase 2 and phase 3 sheets. Practise reading some of the words that the children are unsure of. Continue to practise these words across the week to enable the children to retain more of the words.  

This week focus on spelling the following words; the, to, I, no, go, into. This can be done by looking at the word, saying the word, copying the word, covering the word then writing the word from memory alone. Focus on a few words each day but remember to always practise the spellings learnt on previous days so that these words are not forgotten as new words are focused on.


Word Aware; Word of the week, less.

Have a teddy bear's picnic using toys or bricks for food. Give out different amounts of the ‘food’ to each teddy bear and talk about who has less.

During snack or meal times, ask your child to help serve the meal. Talk about who has got less.

Put coins or other small objects into 2 clear plastic bags. Talk about which one has less.


Watch Numberjacks Fair Shares, then discuss what we have learnt about sharing fairly (each set needs to have the same amount). Share 6 biscuits fairly between two plates, each time you put one on one plate put one of the other plate. So 6 shared between 2 equals 3. Check there are the same amount on each plate. Model sharing 8 biscuits between two plates, 10 biscuits between two plates and 14 biscuits between two plates. Then ask the children to share different amounts (10, 16, 12, 14, 20, 18) between two sets, how many in each set? Use items that your children are interested in; split shells onto two sandcastles, biscuits onto two plates, animals between two fields, cars into two car parks, dolls into two different rooms, balls into two goal nets etc. 


Listen to the story of Augustus and his smile. Can you name some of the things that made Augustus smile. Think of something else he might be happy to find? What makes you happy? Before he found his smile Augustus felt sad, after he found his smile he was happy. How would we know if our friends felt happy or sad?

Can you draw a picture and write a sentence about what makes you feel happy and sad? (I feel happy when .../ I feel sad when ...).