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Monday 06.07.20


The link below sends you to SoundCloud where you can listen to 'Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day'. The main character you are introduced to is Willow. I want you to put 'Willow' in the middle of a spider diagram and then have these main subheadings: 

  • Appearance          (What does Willow look like?)
  • Personality            (What is Willow like as a person? Her characteristics)
  • Magic                    (Give details about her powers)
  • Background information     (Where does Willow live? Family members? Any other details about her life)


Listen and write down information under these headings as you go. You can always pause and rewind parts.


Short written task: Using your notes, write a character description of Willow Moss. Try to bring her to life on your page by choosing effective vocabulary. I have attached a vocabulary sheet in the resources section. Open that now and have a look. 


This week I am going to set some puzzles and more stand alone sessions for you to enjoy. First up is a mystery. We have completed a few of these before at school, so you know how they work. The documents are in the resources section. Read the instructions first. The answers are at the end of the document - no peeking! Good luck!

Wider Curriculum / Foundation subject

I know I have been giving Mrs Bromley's page a shout out every week, but now I am setting it you as a task!


Click on the link below and choose something that takes your fancy. laugh I look forward to seeing your creations.