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Today we are looking at finding the total. We count how many of the one set of objects and how many of the other set of objects. Then we combine the two amounts to find the total.




Phonics play


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Review Phase 2 sounds including set 6 ( on the individual graphemes option) through the Flashcards Speed Trials game



Today we are going to look at the sound 'z'.

Say the sound z-z-z ( get your child to repeat after you)

Get your child to read some short words with the z sound in on flash cards



Put your word cards face down on a table and get them to turn over the cards. The card they have turned over they need to sound out and read the word.



Write a few simple sentences with the z sound in and get your child to read the sentence.


Today we are writing our 'do' and 'feel' sentences to help us to describe a spider web.

Think about words that may describe what a spider web does and how you feel about a spider web.

Say your sentence and the write your sentence. Sound out any tricky words.

Don't forget your setence needs a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.


Today in science we are finding woodlice. What is their habitat like where you found them? Why might a woodlouse like that habitat?

Get a box and make a woodlouse habitat. Think carefully about what a woodlouse habitat looks like. Then find a woodlouse and add the woodlouse to the habitat.

Where does the woodlouse go? Does the woodlouse movements match your prediction?



Today we are thinking about rules. What rules do we have in the classroom? Why do we have these rules? What happens if no one follows the rules?

Draw a picture of one of the rules for the classroom and label your drawing.