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Mrs Bromley's Creations!

Butterfly feeder

Hi everyone
Here's a lovely activity for you which hopefully will attract butterflies in your garden.
Let me know if it works!
Have fun
Mrs Brom x

I'm forever blowing bubbles...

Hi everyone
Here's a simple and fun activity for you, blowing bubbles with a toilet roll!
Have fun!
Mrs Brom x

Pop bottle flowers

Hi everyone
Some more recycling fun for you and something to brighten up your day :)
Hope you enjoy getting creative, don't forget to blog or email me your photo's
Mrs Brom x

Grass Caterpillars

Have some fun making a grass caterpillar and then watch it grow!
Let me know how it changes and blog your photographs!
Mrs Brom x

Any old socks?

Hi everyone,
Today's activity is making sock puppets, so get hunting for some old socks and pieces of material.
Why not have a little puppet show after?
Get creating and have fun!
Mrs Brom x

Pop bottle animals!

Hi everyone, my activity for you today is making an animal out of a pop bottle!
Give it a go and get creating!
Have fun!
Mrs Brom x

Recycle your discs!

Hi everyone,
I'm really excited about this idea and love the finished product!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!
Mrs Brom x

Photo frame!

This is a lovely and easy activity for you to try using sticks to make a photo frame.
Hope you have lots of fun making it. Can you think of other ideas to decorate it?
Don't forget to blog your photo's!
Get creative!
Mrs Brom x

Float your boat!

Another recycling activity for you. Can you make a boat out of an empty milk bottle?
I hope it floats!
Are you ready to try? Go.go, go! Mrs Brom x

Tin Can Shy!

Line em up and knock em down!!! Have fun!


Hi everyone
Today we are making a spider out of a pop bottle! Hope you have lots of fun making one, don't forget to blog your photo's!
Get creating!
Mrs Brom

Fairy Garden

Hi everyone, have a go at making a fairy garden! It's easy and fun and you can use anything you like to make it your own. Fancy getting creative? Go,go, go!!...

How to make a wormery

How to make a wormery using a plastic pop bottle!
Another great way of recycling and having fun. Maybe you could look up some fun facts about worms, they do a very important job.
Don't forget to blog your photo's!
Mrs Brom x

Bird Feeder

This was so much fun to make, I love recycling materials and this allows us to use plastic in a positive way in the environment.
I'm looking forward to seeing your creations so please blog your photo's :)
Mrs Brom x

Mini outdoor pond

This is such a fun activity and great to watch over a few weeks. Mine is on my patio and the little plant now has a lovely pink flower.
I'm excited to see your creations, blog me your pictures :)
Mrs Brom x

Wind spinner

Some recycling fun for you, lets see how many different ways you can decorate your bottle. Make sure you have an adult to help and get creating!

The Night Pirates

Hi everyone,
This is one of my favourite stories, hope you enjoy it :)
Mrs Brom x

Decorated tin

Here's my latest video on decorating a tin! Have fun and I hope to see lots of pictures on the blog.

Mrs Bromley x