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Mrs C's Values for Life

Each week, I will record a 'Values' assembly and post it to this page. If you want to share any work that you complete from the assembly, please send it in to your class emails - I look forward to seeing your work.  

Keep safe - Mrs Crisp

Assembly #3 Creativity with Mrs Crisp - Building

Please send any 'building' activities linked to this assembly to your class emails.Thank you to Oliver Jeffers and HarperCollins publishers for such a wonderful story. It's available on Amazon for £10.99 if you'd like a copy.

Mrs Crisp's assembly #2

Hello everyone, here is my next assembly. Sorry about the holes in the globe - I'm still getting used to the green screen technology! If you help to save the planet, please email your photographs to your class page and I will share some in my next assembly. See you soon. Mrs Crisp.