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Personal, Social and Emotional Development


In the story of ‘Peace at Last’ Daddy Bear cannot get to sleep but sleep is so important! Do you know why sleep is so important? Watch this video to find out why you need to sleep and eat healthy foods:

Here is the CBeebies Bedtime Song to listen to together:

Talk with your child about how they sleep and their going to bed routine. Is there something they could improve it if they find it hard to settle? What do they do to calm down ready for sleep? (set bed time, bath, book, music, meditation, audiobook, calm lighting?).

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with developing a bedtime routine if you are having difficulty with this:



Physical Development


Gross-motor skills: Ball skills. Here are some things that you can do which really help to develop your gross motor co-ordination:

  • Throw and catch a ball with a partner, moving further away if you are catching successfully. Can you throw high? Low? Straight in front of you?

  • Put the ball between your knees and try to walk forwards

  • Pass the ball around your waist front to back and round again – this is really tricky!

  • Ask a grown up to stand in front or behind you and practise passing the ball over your head or under your legs. If you have more people living in your house you can make a line and pass the ball all the way along and then the person at the back runs to the front to carry on passing.



Teddy Bear action rhyme:

Fine-motor skills: These activities link with this week’s Maths focus of capacity, based on the dripping tap in the story of ‘Peace At Last.’ Try transporting water in different ways which require use of fine motor skills:

  • Jugs, (full and slightly heavy jugs require strength, concentration and control)
  • Pipettes
  • Medicine syringes
  • Medicine spoon
  • Measuring spoons of different sizes
  • Funnels
  • Turkey Basters
  • Teaspoons
  • Straws (by sucking the water up and then putting your finger on the end)
  • Anything else you can find!

Try not to spill any! Set challenges, time yourself, compete with your family or even just have a big bowl of water and lots of these things inside to explore. It is fun with coloured water, glittery water or bubbly water too!



Understanding the World


In the story of ‘Peace at Last’ we see and hear some animals which sleep in the day and come out at night. Can you remember which animals Daddy Bear hears? Well, animals which come out at night are called “nocturnal” animals, whilst those who sleep at night and come out in the day are called “diurnal.”


Watch this Come Outside video about hedgehogs, which are nocturnal:

Talk about the animals below and see if you can find out which animals are nocturnal and which are diurnal.



Expressive Arts and Design



Following on from the Understanding the World activity above about nocturnal and diurnal animals, can you use natural materials you can find in your garden or if you go out on a walk to make your own nocturnal animal picture? Remember to wash your hands when you have finished.

Here are some ideas:



Video Challenge: Can you copy Miss Bagnall and have a go at weaving your own quilt for Mummy and Daddy Bear’s cosy bed? You will need two pieces of coloured card or paper and some scissors.





The story of ‘Peace at Last’ shows us that there are so many different noises and sounds in our homes. Explore the sounds that you can make in your house and see if you can tap some rhythms and talk about the types of sounds you hear (e.g. are they shaking, scraping, banging, twinkling, scuffing etc). Remember to be gentle. We don’t want anyone marking or damaging their lovely homes!

You could:

  • Bang a pan with a wooden spoon

  • Shake some rice in a pot or gravy granules in the tub

  • Gently run the non-brush end of a paintbrush along the banister or radiator

  • Stomp up the stairs

  • Run the tap fast and slow

  • Pitter patter your fingers on a table

  • Open and close a door

See what sounds and sound patterns you can make.


Teddy Bear's Picnic: Listen to this very old song called “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic” by a very famous singer called Bing Crosby. Listen to how the music sounds like the bears are marching. Talk about how this is achieved by the rhythms of the instruments. You could march along to the music.

When I was little I had a teddy bear called Bruno who I cuddled every night. He was white, with a button nose and a smart maroon ribbon. Do you have a teddy bear that is special to you? Maybe you could draw it or take a photo or record a video of you with your teddy bear telling me why they are so special to you.


Take one of your teddies and go for your own Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the garden, the park or another beautiful place near you. Whilst you are there, talk about the world around you. What can you see? Smell? Hear? What wildlife can you spot? What shapes are the clouds?