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Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Do you know what you would do if you got lost? Talk to your child about what they should do if they got separated from you in a shop or a park. Make a plan together and talk about how to stay safe.


Understanding the World


An Important Person: Sir David Attenborough



Across school, the children will be thinking about important people this week. We are going to think about Sir David Attenborough, a famous scientist and television presenter because he knows a lot about jungle animals, has travelled around the world and works hard to protect animals.

Read the following information to your child and discuss what you find out


Here are some clips made and narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Watch the clips together and listen to his calm, knowledgeable voice. What does he teach you about jungle animals? Share the facts you learn with the people in your family so that you can impress them with your Jungle knowledge.

If you could be any Jungle animal, which animal would you be? Why?


Physical Development

Gross motor:

Can you dance along and move like each animal?

Fine motor:


Video Challenge: Thread your own pasta snake with Miss Bagnall (you need some string and two different types of pasta that can be threaded)



Health and Self Care: Lots of the fruits we enjoy in our own homes comes from tropical places like jungles and rainforests.



When you go shopping this week, see if you can buy some tropical fruits to taste. Find out where they grow and how they grow. You could make a fruits salad or even a fruit smoothie.


Did you know that bananas grow this way up?


Or that watermelons grow on the ground?


Or that pineapples grow in the middle of a plant like this?


Expressive Arts and Design


The Animal Boogie: Listen to this fun song called ‘The Animal Boogie.’ Can you join in with song, dance along and move like the different animals in the song. You could play instruments or even make your own animal mask to help you explore this song.

Leaf Printing: Jungles are FULL of leaves. Can you find some leaves and create your own artwork. You could print with them, do some rubbings of them, make a leaf collage.



Video Challenge: Learn to make a leaf rubbing and a leaf print with Miss Bagnall (you will need paper, some leaves, wax crayons, paint and a paintbrush).