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Other Activities

Physical Development


Watch this video of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon for the first time in human history. Talk about the very famous line “This is one, small step for man but one giant leap for mankind!” and practise saying it together. Because of gravity you move very slowly in space and bounce around. Practise moving and walking in slow motion.

Moon rocks: Use your strong fingers to scrunch up pieces of foil to make your very own moon rocks! Then practise throwing your moon rocks into a “black hole” (bucket/bin/box). Move further away from the black hole as you get better at throwing. You could take turns as a family and see who can get the most moon rocks in the bucket.



Video Challenge: Watch Miss Bagnall make her moon rocks and try to land them in a black hole!



Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Miss Bagnall has recorded a second bonus story for you this week called ‘Aliens Love Underpants.’ This funny story is a great way to open a very important conversation with your child about their pants being private. Here is a great NSPCC resource designed for young children to explore the idea that what is in their pants is private and belongs to them and reminds them that other people’s private parts are private too. This is an important message and is something we will continue to reinforce in school to help your children behave responsibility, keep themselves safe and know what to do if something makes them uncomfortable.


IMPORTANT: I would recommend that you watch the video without your child first so you know what it contains and what you might talk about together.

Understanding the World


On the 30th May 2020, the first manned rocket launched from the Kennedy Space centre in Florida for 9 years! It was a really special day that people watched and celebrated around the world. I went to the Kennedy Space Centre when I was little and it is the most incredible place. Watching the rocket launch was such a special memory. Watch this video about the recent launch with your child and talk about how important it was and how the astronauts might have been feeling during the launch.

Here are some links to videos based on the British astronaut Tim Peake – a very interesting and important British figure. He was the first British man to go to the International Space Station. You might like to explore these together and find out more about this interesting man.


Here are some science experiments you might like to try:



Video Challenge: Make a bubbling planet with Miss Bagnall!




Expressive Arts and Design


Crafts: There are so many crafts you could do inspired by a space theme including a recycled bottle/toilet roll tube rocket, alien masks, foil printing, paper mâché planets or potato print stars! Here are some ideas:



Space meditation: Take some time to stop, breathe, slow down and enjoy this space meditation together. Talk about how it made your body and mind feel when you are finished.