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Other Activities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Watch this really important video together about how to stay safe around dogs. Even if you do not have a dog, your child may come into contact with family dogs or be around dogs at the park, out walking or at their friends’ houses. It is really important that they know how to be safe.


Physical Development

Gross-motor skills:

Fine-motor skills:

Popping bubble wrap is great fun and is a great way to build up those muscles in your fingers!



Understanding the World

Have you seen the CBeebies programme “My Pet and Me?” It is a great show to help children develop their understanding of different animals and how to care for them. Above is a clip out a very interesting and unusual pet… stick insects! You can watch lots of clips from the show here:

The CBeebies website has a whole section devoted to pets with games, videos and activities to explore:

Video Challenge: Can you listen to Miss Bagnall’s clues to help you ‘guess the pet?’


Expressive Arts and Design

Here are some pet craft ideas to keep you busy:





Role Play


Set up your own pet shop or vets using animal toys. You could put a price tag on different pets and take turns to buy a pet or decide what is the matter with each animal and take turns to be the owner and the vet to help make them better. 



Video Challenge: Create your own spotty Dalmatian with Miss Bagnall