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Other Activities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:


Lockdown is a great opportunity to learn new life skills. Here are some you could try together:



Physical Development:


Safari Yoga:

Jungle Just Dance:

What can you pick up using a peg? Take a peg around your house and see what you can pick up by pinching it e.g. a piece of paper, a sock, a cushion. This will help your finger muscles to be really strong.


Health and Self-Care:


Plan a healthier meal for Sophie and her family than the sausage, chips and ice cream they ate in the book. You could draw your meal, cut it out from a food leaflet or magazine and stick it on a paper plate or even have a go at making the snack or meal together. Can you help to lay the table for everybody to eat together?


Understanding the World:


The World: Look on the internet together and find out where tigers come from. Have a look at where those countries are on a world map. How do you think the tiger got all the way to Sophie’s house?


Technology: If you Google the word ‘tiger,’ scroll down and use the 3D feature and view in your surroundings, you can invite a tiger to come for dinner in your house and take a photograph of them in your kitchen! 



Expressive Arts and Design:


  • Make a tiger mask. What materials might you need?


  • Look at different animal prints and have a go at drawing, painting or collaging them (e.g. tiger, zebra, leopard, giraffe)


  • Guess Who? - Make different animal sounds for your family to guess the animal