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Outdoor Activities

Today, we have two outdoor tasks for you to choose between.

(Both can be done indoors if needed.)


  1. Create a quest map

Look at these videos if you need some ideas.

How To Make A Treasure Map | Fatema's art show

How to make a Tressure map. Today I show you step by step how to make a treasure map. its great for treasure hunts. Also a very good prop for filming. If you...

How to draw a Treasure Map | Pirate Week

On today's Art Class with Cassie we will learn how to draw a Pirate's Treasure Map. Then we will be dying the paper with tea and coffee for an antique lookin...

2. Make a boat using natural materials

You could build it using sticks.

How to Make a Boat out of Sticks

Mary teaches kids how to make a boat/raft out of sticks.Say hello: mjlstories@gmail.com

If you wanted to, you could even add a sail made from a leaf.


When you are happy with your map and or boat, send a photo of it to us as part of your daily email.