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For today's PE lesson, create yourself an obstacle course. It could be inside or outside. (Please discuss this with your parents first!) 


It might include:


1. An obstacle to balance on. (This might be a chalk line drawn on the floor or a skipping rope laid flat.)


2. An obstacle to climb over. 


3. An obstacle to crawl underneath.


4. An obstacle that requires you to weave in and out. 


5. An obstacle that requires you to demonstrate accuracy. e.g. throwing 5 tennis balls into a bucket.


Be creative. Add as many obstacles as you can do safely in your space. 


Now challenge yourself. How long does it take you to complete the course 5 times without stopping?


Give yourself a short break and think about how you can improve your time.


Repeat the course 5 times. We're you quicker this time? Why? Why not?


Repeat as many times as you feel capable. 


Enjoy yourself!


Don't forget to send us either:

a, a plan of your course


b, a photograph or video of you completing your course.


Send them to: